Howard Ray for Alderman

PO Box 51015
Chicago, IL 60651

Howard Ray

For 37th Ward Alderman

Howard Ray’s Mission

To ensure a better quality of life for the citizens of the 37th Ward. To fight for fairness and to preserve the diverse and rich culture in the 37th Ward.

Community Building

Implement a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) with big and small businesses and residents within the 37th Ward

Tax Strategy

Create an equation with input from citizens and business to help give property owners
a property tax relief to preserve their homes


Education Focused

Seek education strategies to ensure our youth’s education and safety and bring back vocational training programs to prepare them for a brighter future.


The fight for fairness in the 37th Ward

Howard Ray is very familiar with the people and the culture on the westside.  Working and living on the westside has afforded him the opportunity to speak with and sit in homes of many residents in the 37th Ward.

From negotiating for local rights with Amazon, to engaging with local community leaders, he has listened and knows what is necessary to improve quality of life in the 37th Ward.

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Howard Ray is busy fighting for the citizens of the 37th Ward.  We welcome all community members to join us to work towards a brighter future.

To Provide A Better Way For A BetteR Day, Vote Howard Ray!